Pants Florence Pugh Wore To The Airport That I Would Never Wear

Pants Florence Pugh Wore To The Airport That I Would Never Wear

In this context, the word “brave” is used loosely, but Florence Pugh’s airport attire certainly qualifies. Choosing the right pair of pants is crucial to looking well at the airport, and the pants Florence Pugh wore to LAX this week caught everyone’s attention. You may quickly regret your decision if you pick a pair that is even slightly irritating while waiting in security, but Pugh’s jeans were comfortable and stylish.

As for why I decided to leave these pants at home, here’s why they won’t be let through security at the airport: Basically, only that they’re white. Though I think her pants look nice, the fact that they are so pale makes me fearful that I might soil them in the airport or on the plane. Pugh seems stylish, so if you’re confident you can avoid this fate, that’s awesome. If you do, I recommend that you wear a pair of light-colored pants. On the other hand, I want to avoid lighter shades in favor of those that can cover up the inevitable coffee stains and scuffs.

Check out Pugh’s bold (but incredibly stylish) airport attire, and then browse the selection of pants I would wear if I were in her shoes.

1. Black Sexy Casual Solid Vests Pants V Neck Sleeveless Two Pieces

Sophia Turner
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