Faux Leather Pants That Work Like Magic On Your Curves

Faux Leather Pants That Work Like Magic On Your Curves

In case you missed them, Faux leather pants made a huge comeback this season, forcing me to try something new in the name of style. I was prepared for the challenge after a lengthy isolation in which I wore nothing but joggers, sweatpants, and high-waisted leggings. As great as the idea of faux leather pants is, it can be difficult to pull off.

1. High Waist PU Leather Pants

Faux Leather Pants

This simple, yet sexy pants has a simple, yet daring approach. It’s a high-waist pants which helps to emphasize your curves.

These cute and chic pants is the tight pants that you’re looking for.

These leather pants broke all the stereotypes about all leather pants being tight and restricting. This pats is a wide leg pants which makes it super comfy while still being super sexy. It also have pockets where you can stuff your valuables.

I felt like I had a good idea of what was out there after watching countless try-on hauls of women showing various options from popular mall retailers on social media, but I didn’t end up loving anything. Many of the currently available options made awkward, squeaky noises when walking or released that unsettling faux leather smell upon unboxing, making them less than desirable.

To be honest, I was picky about my search for the ideal pair of faux leather pants. After all, if I was going to wear some edgy rock n’ roll pants, they had better fit and flatter like a good pair of jeans, but better.

Sophia Turner
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