Chic Airport Sneakers – And How Famous People Pull Them Off

Chic Airport Sneakers – And How Famous People Pull Them Off

You’ve probably seen some strange outfits at the airport if you’re like me and get there at least two hours before your trip, but have you considered wearing chic airport sneakers to elevate your travel look? You might be surprised by how comfortable and stylish they can be.

Whenever I’m in the air, I wear denim with an oversized sweater and sneakers or leggings with a jean jacket and sneakers. I realize this is not the most stylish option, but after seeing Jessica Alba in a similar outfit on the red carpet, I’m rethinking my entire Thanksgiving travel itinerary.

Stylish as always, Alba was spotted at the new spanking terminal at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, and her clothing appeared genuinely comfortable. The Honest Company’s co-founder and mother of three, rolling her carry-on luggage through the airport with an air of casual cool, was dressed in a Tory Burch crew-neck sweater, wide-leg navy slacks, and fresh white Pumas.

Adopting Alba’s chic traveling aesthetic is still okay if you’re planning to travel for Thanksgiving. The next time you travel, you won’t have to scramble to get dressed because I’ve compiled a shopping list of alternate options for the essential components you’ll need (you could already have a pair of white shoes).

1. Contrasting Colorblock Sweater Drop Shoulder Crew Neck Ribbed Hem Sweater

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