Here Are Some Outfit Suggestions On What To Wear Under A Sheer Dress

Here Are Some Outfit Suggestions On What To Wear Under A Sheer Dress

Mesh, lace, and other translucent fabrics are, in our opinion, the final frontiers of glitz. Transparency is all the rage at the moment, but for those of us who aren’t celebs or attending fashion weeks, what do we wear underneath a sheer dress?

The good news is that it’s not just Instagram stars who can pull off the look. You can avoid looking like a worn-out rockstar in a transparent dress by following these five simple fashion rules.


Jamie Textured Eyelet Buckle Bikini 

Reasons to recommend:

Make the most of the transparent dress trend by pairing your outfit with the right underwear. Unless Kendall Jenner is attending the Met Gala in a G-string, keep things as simple and opaque as possible.


Spaghetti Strap Graphic Print Ruched Bodycon Dress 

Reasons to recommend:

That one layering trick that’s always in vogue? The FIT! You can never go wrong with the grandmother’s must-have under any transparent dress.


Geometric Stripe Print Long Sleeve Shirt – White S 

Reasons to recommend:

Your see-through dress will take on a new look thanks to this unique approach. Our advice: always wear a dress that is longer than the shirt worn underneath it, and make sure that the shirt is either the same color as the dress or noticeably different from it in terms of shade.


Orchid Black Mid Waist Biker Shorts 

Reasons to recommend:

Short or long, transparent or opaque, go for shorts made of stretch cotton in the same color as the dress or in a contrasting shade to complete the look.


Skyline Black Leggings 

Reasons to recommend:

Leggings under a see-through dress are a clever way to hide its flashiness while simultaneously transforming it into a completely new outfit. This idea is excellent for wearing your favorite transparent dress more often, even throughout the day. What is the mystery? The contrast between the transparent dress and the black leggings is amplified in this outfit.

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