5 Ways To Style Your Wide Leg Pants With Chicme

5 Ways To Style Your Wide Leg Pants With Chicme

Are you tired of the same old skinny jeans? Upgrade your wardrobe with wide-leg pants, the fashion trend that’s making a comeback! Explore the different ways to style your wide-leg pants and feel empowered to strut your stuff with confidence.

There appears to be no end in sight to the popularity of wide-legged pants. Depending on the fabric you choose and how you style the wide leg pants, they can be stylish as well as hip and fun.

Wide leg pants can be worn in a variety of ways, so it’s worthwhile to experiment with new styles.

Wide-leg pants may be worn in a variety of ways, and we’ve compiled a list of our favorites.


Bowknot Decor Button Front Casual Cardigan 

Reasons to recommend:

Cardigans have been around for a while, and while they used to be seen as strictly preppy, they are now being worn in a variety of ways by celebs, bloggers, and stylists alike.

Wide-legged denim pants can be dressed up or down with a printed or plain cardigan from this collection. When wearing a printed cardigan with wide-leg slacks, choose for a simple plain top, simple accessories, and plain shoes to make the outfit look more refined.


V Neck Knitted Casual Pullover Sweater 

Reasons to recommend:

Wearing a pullover over wide-leg pants is a quick and easy way to dress them up. If you don’t want to leave the house because of how warm and cozy they are, pullovers also have the ability to be fashionable. To ensure that you look your best while wearing the pullover, designers and other companies have come up with a variety of various styles.

A full tuck is a terrific way to look stylish, but if the pullover is too big, you could just tuck in the front and leave the back untucked for an asymmetrical style.


Colorblock Ripped Raw Hem Crop Denim Coat 

Reasons to recommend:

Your see-through dress will take on a new look thanks to this unique approach. Our advice: always wear a dress that is longer than the shirt worn underneath it, and make sure that the shirt is either the same color as the dress or noticeably different from it in terms of shade.


V-Neck Button Design Ribbed T-shirt 

Reasons to recommend:

You may upgrade your wardrobe staples by pairing a plain tee with wide-leg slacks. Everyone should have a few plain t-shirts in their wardrobe since their simplicity makes it easy to wear them with anything. It is possible to wear them with a variety of various bottoms, as well as over dresses.

Wide-leg pants are a great choice for wearing with plain white t-shirts. For this reason, it’s important to wear your t-shirt tucked in because it draws attention to your pants. In terms of colors to wear, white is a wardrobe staple and will work with any color of pants you pick.


Square Neck Backless Knit Basic Tank Top 

Reasons to recommend:

With a tank top, you can also look amazing in your wide-leg pants. You have the option of going monochromatic or using a contrasting color with this. If you tuck in your shirt, you’ll instantly look put together. Wearing heels and wide-legged slacks that conceal most of your heels is the greatest approach to tone up this outfit.

Having the appearance of an hourglass body is enhanced when wearing wide-leg jeans. Wide leg pants with a tighter hip area and then flare out at the bottom are your best bet.

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