Zaful’s Trending Bathing Suits Girls Should Try This Summer

Zaful’s Trending Bathing Suits Girls Should Try This Summer

The sun’s heat is becoming unbearable and it’s time to hit the beach with a bang! For girls who want to look chic while lounging by the water, there’s an array of trending bathing suits that they can choose from.

It’s obvious that the best swimming suits are the ones that make you feel your best, no matter what the fashion industry considers fashionable. Trends, on the other hand, are supposed to inspire you to experiment with new color schemes, materials, and patterns that you may have previously overlooked. 

Today’s fashions are frequently influenced by the styles of decades ago, allowing designers and consumers alike to experience the aesthetics of a bygone age in a new and exciting way. The greatest swimwear trends for summer 2022 reflect the 1960s and ’70s.

Is there anything we can do for you? Look at these most popular swimwear styles from Zaful and see where you go from there.


In 2022, swimwear designers aren’t just experimenting with different materials. Hot trousers, loose leg shorts, mesh, glitter, or ruched skirts, sarongs, and shirting are just a few of the many alternatives. A three-way matching suit is a simple, classy option, but mixing and matching materials and designs also works well as a fashion statement. 

ZAFUL Ribbed Butterfly Daisy Three Piece Micro Bikini Swimwear – Blue S

Reasons to recommend:

Show off your tan lines to the maximum extent with the three-piece bikini set charming with a mix of daisy and butterfly patterning, which is featuring a sexy micro bikini set and a matching sarong for a stand-out option for your next seaside excursion.

ZAFUL Tanga Bohemian Printed String Three Piece Bikini Swimwear – Multi L

Reasons to recommend:

Accented with an eye-catching bohemian and patchwork paisley pattern, this three-piece bikini swimwear has a classic string bikini and the matching sarong for an outfit that’s guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowds at the beach.


It’s no secret that the cut out set has been a wardrobe staple in recent years, thanks in part to the pandemic’s emphasis on the value of comfort. But just as there are numerous ways to describe comfort, what makes someone feel their best is also subjective. When it comes to swimwear, this is especially true. A swimming suit is a great way to show off your physique, but for some people, the best part is having the option to cover up areas of their body. For the latter, there’s the sultry cutaway one-piece.

ZAFUL Ribbed Drawstring Cut-Out Tied Bikini Swimwear – Light Blue L 

Reasons to recommend:

Step into summer with this on-trend bikini. Featuring a drawstring design and cut-out detail at the bust, this bikini completes with ties at the bust and waist to adjust for a perfect fit.

ZAFUL Mono Wire Cut Out Sunflower Bikini Swimwear – Yellow L

Reasons to recommend:

Add some bright and vibrant shades for your beach look with this bikini. Featuring an oblique shoulder monowire bra with a flirty cut-out at the bust, and sunflower print bottoms that are high cut to elongate your legs, this bikini will make you the brightest one beside the pool or on the beach.

This trend’s flattering necklines and sultry cutaways will boost your self-esteem while enhancing your body in all the right areas. Additionally, it serves as a transitional garment, allowing you to use it with both your swimwear and your regular clothes. All of Zaful’s bikinis are available in three-piece sets, which may be dressed with a variety of accessories.

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