These 80’s-Inspired Outfits Have Just as Much Vibe in 2022

These 80’s-Inspired Outfits Have Just as Much Vibe in 2022

Whitney Houston, Madonna, and Winona Ryder come to mind when thinking of  ’80s-inspired outfits, as fashion trends from the past are given new life in recent years. Puff sleeves, power suits, fluorescent highlighter colors, and belt bags are all examples of ’80s fashion trends that have made a comeback.

Although modern athleisure consists primarily of coordinated leggings and not jazzercise leotards, retro styles are hotter than ever. This article will guide you through shopping for 2022 versions of the coolest ’80s fashion things that are just as current today, so you may live your best ’80s-inspired life this back-to-school season.

1. Color Blocking Patched Drawstring Windbreaker Jacket - Orange

This jacket cut may look familiar since it is now being worn by every influencer on your feed. Windbreakers with a contrasting color block design are once again in style and make for an excellent lightweight layer on cooler days.

Since the ’80s were a time when people cut up anything and everything, you are now free to snip the sleeves off that hoodie you haven’t worn in a while. Back in the day, even dudes sported crop tops; we hope this fashion classic makes a comeback in 2022.

High-rise denim, a trademark of the 1980s, experienced a major resurgence in the late 2010s. These jogger-style, stone-washed jeans with cuffs are the epitome of throwback cool.

To see the pinnacle of puffy sleeve design from the 1980s, just type “wedding dress” into Google. This minidress is a more practical, romantic take on the flamboyant dresses popular with ’80s teen females.

Puffy sleeves are not only for weddings or proms, as they have become a trendy addition to many tops and dresses. The ’80s-inspired style is perfect for those looking to add a touch of drama and femininity to their wardrobe.

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