The Most Timeless Coat Around – By The Olsen Twins

The Most Timeless Coat Around – By The Olsen Twins

What are the most timeless coats around? As a stylist and editor in the fashion industry for nearly a decade, I’ve seen countless trendsetting looks have their moment in the sun before falling out of favor. Of course, here at Who What Wear, it’s essential to invest in items that make you happy regardless of whether or not they’re now in style.

Looking for a new coat but want to avoid the ebb and flow of fashion? There is one style that will never go out of style. You know, the basic black coat. The finest black outerwear currently available is shown here. But first, I’ll explain why this coat is so worth it.

When Ashley Olsen is out and about, she almost always has on a dark coat.

It’s easy to see why investing in a black coat is a good idea when you look at the best-dressed people in the world. The Olsen twins are rarely spotted without theirs, so it would be surprising if their spring The Row show didn’t have a version.

Long wool coats are classic, but so is a black puffer.

However, it’s not just A-listers that adore this rather mundane garment. Camille Charrière, a French actress, she’s an original influencer and a front-row fixture, and her latest Mango collection—two timeless black coats—has already sold out. Generally, the fashion crowd adores the look, and with good reason.

There is no need for the black coat to be mundane. The feeling of sophisticated elegance is maintained even in the most stripped-down iterations. In addition to complementing your existing wardrobe, a well-chosen wool coat—whether it’s a fitted design, a maxi length, an oversized fit, a comfortable puffer, or a leather trench—will provide you the air of casual sophistication we all want.

If you still need convincing of the strength of this timeless coat, keep reading. I’ve researched the greatest black jackets of 2022 and compiled them from both mainstream retailers and high-end boutiques. I firmly believe that you’ll find the perfect look for you here, no matter your price range or personal preferences.

1. Drop Shoulder Belted Pocket Longline Wool Blend Coat - Coffee S

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