The Latest French Women Fashion Trends – See The Latest Here

The Latest French Women Fashion Trends – See The Latest Here

Whenever you look up “French style” on Google, you’ll see countless pictures of women wearing classic pieces like jeans, jackets, and ballet flats. While it’s not inherently inaccurate, it also doesn’t represent what makes French fashion so special. French women are equally as hip to the latest styles as their American counterparts, despite the common belief that French women stick to more traditional designs. Since French women regard classic looks so highly, I’ve seen that they’re considerably more selective when it comes to trying out new trends. Read on to find out  the latest french women fashion trends now!

1. ZHISILAO High Waist Straight Denim Skirt Women Vintage Split Fork Blue Long Bodycon Pencil Jean Skirt 220330

The Latest French Women Fashion Trends

The current style I’m adopting can be either casual or sophisticated, depending on the pieces you choose and how you put them together. It’s the long, raw-colored denim skirt that’s all the rage right now. What really appeals to me is how classic it is; it doesn’t need to be “in style” for me to like it. It’s the kind of item that belongs in your closet and can be worn year-round. Wear it throughout the day with a sweater, shirt, or cardigan and into the evening with a top and a jacket, high boots, and thin-heeled sandals, accessorizing with gorgeous jewelry and a gold chain belt or a silver one, depending on your style..

The chilly weather is here, and I’m all about looking pretty, even when I’m trying to keep warm. I’ve decided to swap out the ultra-feminine, elegant clothes I usually wear for the ultra-cozy, casual clothes I bought recently, like this fake shearling aviator jacket. I really like that it’s an investment piece that won’t look dated or out of place once a few seasons have passed. The timeless look of a shearling jacket has made them a must-have for fashionistas everywhere.

Loose-fitting pants like the cargo or parachute styles are currently my favorite fashion trend. The combination of softness and badass attitude is perfect for me. Whenever possible, I often wear them with a cropped top or a tank top for a sensual look. When that isn’t an option, I go for a boyfriend sweater that is baggy to the extreme.

This winter, I foresee myself incorporating more color into my wardrobe, despite the fact that my Instagram page is now focused on neutral, casual style. The dopamine-inducing clothes and mood-lifting colors are my jam. In particular, when thinking about what to wear on dreary, frigid winter days. Although I would love to wear a colorful ensemble every day, I’m more likely to opt for a neutral base and add a pop of color with an accessory like a bright green bag or a flamboyant pink sweater.

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