Stylish Jeans That Best Paired With Ruffled-Sleeve Tops

Stylish Jeans That Best Paired With Ruffled-Sleeve Tops

Incorporating ruffled-sleeve tops into your wardrobe can be a fantastic way to switch up your style this spring and summer. If you’re wondering how to style these statement pieces, you’re in luck – we’ve got you covered with the best jeans to be paired with ruffled-sleeve tops.

The arrival of springtime weather is something I eagerly anticipate. You can get by with just trousers, shirts, and a light jacket. Ruffles are a fantastic mood-lifter, especially when combined with all that oh dear. Come take a look at the day’s menu I’ve planned. Relax and prepare to steal my greatest wardrobe ideas.

1. Skinny Extremely Stretchy High Rise Medium Wash Sculpt Waist Jeans

The combination of high-waisted jeans and a sheer top is a great throwback outfit. All of the elements in this picture are both retro and cutting-edge. High heel sandals with straps look great with ripped jeans. A book-shaped purse, like this one, was all the rage among teenage females not so long ago. This ensemble is perfect for running errands in.

This wrap top is also large, has ruffles, and is printed in a classic gingham pattern. It’s gorgeous and would look great on you. Pair it with a pair of black skinny jeans with a frayed hem and some sophisticated black pumps.

Add a pop of color with a red bag and gold chain to break up all this black and white. You shouldn’t give much thought to where you can wear this style. It’s perfect for spicing up a casual getup or dressing down a formal one.

White’s delicateness makes it a perfect complement to every hue. If you like a more subdued wardrobe, though, this could be the best option for you. The white knit top is minimally stylish. Wear it with some basic skinny jeans and you’ll have a weekend look that’s both comfortable and stylish. It would look great with white Superstar sneakers or ankle boots.

This ruffle shirt in black is slightly cropped, making it ideal for pairing with high-rise jeans. I can attest that the in-between seasons (often spring and summer) present unique challenges for fashion. This chic style was common during that era and it fits in perfectly. Either go for an all-black look or spice things up with some bright accents. A bag or pair of heels could be a fun place to try out new hues.

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