Slip Dress Styling Tips From a Professional Stylist

Slip Dress Styling Tips From a Professional Stylist

As a professional in the fashion industry, I’m happy to share some slip dress styling tips with you. I’m a millennial, and I remember when women wore slips with dresses. They weren’t worn for their aesthetic value but as an insurance policy to ensure that clinging dresses and skirts would fall correctly. Slips were worn as shapewear or for further covering under flimsy clothing. Then there were slips, which were essentially lingerie but were only worn in private.

In the ’90s, though, women started playing around with different ways to wear slip dresses, eventually understanding that the garment could stand on its own. In Hollywood, girls wore slip dresses to every function, from the red carpet to a casual get-together with pals. Celebrities like Wynona Ryder, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, and Iman may be credited with popularizing the slip dress and helping it to become a wardrobe staple that has come and gone from the spotlight over the years.

By the spring of 2022, it is expected that slip dresses, another enduring symbol of the 1990s, will be making a reappearance. It’s simple, adorable, and still has the seal of approval from the A-list. Think back to July 2021: Rihanna is out and about in New York City, wearing a lacy black slip dress. Bella Hadid recently confirmed the basic garment is a must-have by posing in a Michael Kors option in Miami, and a few weeks later, actress Laura Harrier wore a satin, cream-colored slip to Jennifer Klein’s Day of Indulgence celebration.

However, you should allow yourself something other than wearing slip dresses only in the warmer months. If you live somewhere where it’s still frigid in the spring and fall, you may pick up one (or five) of these tops to wear as a layer over your long-sleeved shirts until the weather warms up where you are. By reading on, get some ideas for how to style a slip dress now and in the coming weeks.


To balance out the femininity of a slip dress, try pairing it with tougher pieces like combat boots or an oversized leather blazer. Celebrity stylist Tiffany Briseno says the mix will feel “balanced and fascinating” and may be carried out through accessories.

Fans of athleisure, take note: a slip dress may totally work for your style. Wear a slip dress with lace trim, top it with your coziest sweater, a puffer coat, and finish off the ensemble with sneakers or moto boots for an instant dose of cool-girl style.

Sophia Turner
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