Sheer Corset And Ripped Jeans Were A Visual Treat

Sheer Corset And Ripped Jeans Were A Visual Treat

Sofa Vergara donned a mostly sheer bodysuit as a top for a holiday party, proving that the mild winters in Southern California allow for the continuation of the sheer trend till spring. (The wildfires are the downside of Southern California, in case you were wondering.) In this article, you will similar outfits we’ve gathered featuring sheer corset and ripped jeans.

On Saturday, December 3, the Modern Family star and her husband, Joe Manganiello attended a holiday party in Brentwood, and the actress came out in a Mônot bustier and ripped jeans, accessorizing with a Valentino purse and a chain-link diamond choker. The star of “Magic Mike” dressed like his lady love in a black plaid suit.

Vergara took a mirror photo in her magnificent closet before leaving the house, boasting about how wonderfully the clothing cinches her waist and inadvertently tagging a guy whose Instagram account only contains pictures of his dog. One of these days, it could be you!

If you’re looking for one of your own…

I’m sorry to report some bad news. We’ve had a total sell-out of the black colorway. Moda Operandi is taking preorders for the white variant at $895. Instead, you could save yourself the trouble and buy a knockoff from Macy’s for $56.

The following day, Vergara shared a video of herself performing some basic housework—while on vacation.

A recent meme in which Sofia Vergara describes herself as always wearing heels and a couture outfit is a humorous jab at the actress’s penchant for high fashion. She admitted that her large family made it difficult for her to recall individual names and that she had an insatiable craving for cake.

Below, we find some sheer mesh corset bodysuit outfits:

1. UNice Honey Blonde 13x4 Lace Front Deep Wave Wig With Piano Highlights

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