Keep It Toasty This Winter

Keep It Toasty This Winter

I find it exceedingly challenging to drag myself out from under my duvet cover when the temperature drops. But since it’s probably not socially acceptable to roll out of the house while still wrapped in said duvet, I resort to puffer coats or the same effect. If you’re like me and can’t stand the chill, then you need outfits to keep it toasty this winter. Celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski have popularized the puffer coat, making it the season’s must-have outerwear.

1. Black Casual Solid Patchwork Turndown Collar Outerwear

Choose a long puffer, such as this extra warm one from Knowfashionstyle, for that “I’m wearing a blanket” feeling. This jacket covers not only your upper body but also your legs. You can conceal your valuables in the jacket’s deep chest pockets.

This coat has a simple approach, yet it still has that fashionable taste. It has a cute pattern, and it also has a belt to adjust the tightness of the coat depending on your preference. This coat will keep you warm and stylish while you’re out and about this winter.

The hem of this puffer stops just above the hip. While it’s polyester insulation keeps you warm, the bottom doesn’t cling to your body, which is great if you want to wear several sweaters underneath but not so great if you’re trying to keep the cold out.

The variety of puffer coat designs is practically infinite. The best puffer jacket for you will vary from situation to situation, from long to cropped, and from form-fitting to oversized. And this list is exactly what you’re looking for, not only they will make you stylish, but they will also protect you from getting cold.

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