Outfits For Work – Fashionable and Functional

Outfits For Work – Fashionable and Functional

As you head out for the office on a Monday morning, the last thing you want to worry about is what to wear. Finding the right outfits for work can be a daunting task, but with a little planning, you can make it effortless and stress-free.

Does this sound familiar? Focus on a capsule wardrobe of high-performance, low-maintenance workwear that can keep up with your busy schedule and help you save time in the morning.

The way you approach getting dressed in the morning might be completely altered by amassing a number of versatile and long-lasting clothing selections. As an added bonus, it will alter your daily self-perception. The sartorial equivalent of imposing one’s presence on others.

Right now, these are the clothes you should be wearing at work.

1. Houndstooth Suit Collar Pocket Button Down Coat

Outfits For Work

The Easy Coat. In terms of professional attire, nothing beats a well-fitting coat suit in a color you adore. This is a great choice not just because it can be worn with no effort (just throw it on over a white t-shirt) but also because the pieces can be worn separately and look great. The combination of a jacket with either black pants or jeans (depending on your workplace’s policies) is an acceptable casual outfit. It’s important to pay attention to fit and select a color that you won’t get tired of quickly while looking for a suit that can keep up with your busy schedule.

That Dress You Can Wear From The Office To Dinner. A long-sleeve velvet dress is the modern woman’s secret weapon, and not just for special occasions or Sunday lunch with your aunt. And that’s because you can wear one almost everywhere and nobody will bat an eye. A well-chosen dress is an ideal choice for transitioning from the office to supper; it can be worn with anything from a pair of white sneakers to velvet sandals. Maximize your investment by avoiding tight fits and selecting a length that falls just below the knee. To add variety to your wardrobe, pair your favorite dress with a smart crew neck sweater. Never forget that beauty can be a source of strength.

A Casual Trouser. The sweet spot for workwear is a smart but effortless look, which is ideal for those with hectic schedules and the desire to feel comfortable in their attire outside of the office. The trick is to wear a pair of loose-fitting pants. Look for timeless neutral colors and long-lasting materials.

In search of a more simplified work wardrobe? With these tips, preparation will be a breeze.

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