Men’s Topcoats Are Getting Longer, Looser And Cooler

Men’s Topcoats Are Getting Longer, Looser And Cooler

There were two main categories for men’s topcoats for a long time. On one end of the spectrum are skinny, streamlined joints made to go with your collection of Ludlow suits and your favorite pair of skinny jeans. On the other hand, there were the sturdy, double-breasted styles, the preferred garments of cigar-smoking business tycoons who still read The Journal in print despite having a tense rapport with the Internal Revenue Service.

In 2023, however, there emerged a new topcoat silhouette that was both more relaxed and unconventional than its predecessors. Is there anything that sets it apart from more fussy alternatives? For one thing, it has a more artistic atmosphere than your typical pinstriped C-suiter on his way to a partner’s meeting. 

Picture instead the poet son of that C-suiter, the one who studied liberal arts in college and wrote his master’s thesis on Beauvoir. For the most part, this style of topcoat is derived from its slouchy raglan sleeves or relaxed dropped shoulders, a small detail that completely alters the coat’s silhouette and dispels any remaining associations with its “greed is good” heyday.

1. Mens Hooded Fleece Poncho Cloak Cape Coat Trench Loose Parka Long Jacket Tops

This cloak cape coat is one of a kind. It has a unique structure of being a cloak, hoodie, and a coat at the same time. It brings extra coolness to your whole outfit.

ut elegant hues used. Also, everyone loves a good pair of sock sneakers or a pair of kicks with a unique outsole. That’s because they’re both present in this pair.

This is a not-so-stuffy mid-length coat that would look great with a full suit, but its real power lies in its ability to make your bodega-run fits look like a righteous flex.

This simple yet charismatic coat will bring your look to another level. Though you can wear this as a leisure outfit, your simple errands will feel a fashion runway.

The only thing these new versions of old things have in common with their musty forebears? They can still be found dressed in the world’s most luxurious fabrics for the winter, and wearing one will make you feel like a true lord every time. Even if you don’t wear pinstripes, these shoes will snazz up any outfit, from a nubby vintage blazer and rigid selvedge jeans to a fuzzy mohair cardigan and paint-splattered carpenter pants. You can’t go wrong with any of these modern men’s topcoats, which come in a range of sizes and colors.

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