Megan Fox Stuns in Pink Feathered Hat and Underboob Crop Top!

Megan Fox Stuns in Pink Feathered Hat and Underboob Crop Top!

OMG, have you seen Megan Fox’s latest fashion statement? She rocked the Barbiecore trend like nobody else at the Audacy Beach Festival in Fort Lauderdale with her hot pink crop top, revealing her underboob, pink Barbie cargo trousers, pink pointed-toe heels, and a pink feathered hat. Megan Fox in Pink Feathered Hat is the epitome of style and confidence. It’s no wonder she’s a fashion icon for so many.

If you want to channel your inner Barbie and make a statement of your own, a pink feathered hat is the perfect accessory to do just that. So why not take a page out of Megan’s book and show the world what you’re made of with a little help from the queen of fashion herself?

Fox’s fiancé, the performer Machine Gun Kelly, also showed up. The rapper wore a sheer, bejeweled black top with bejeweled black pants and a matching belt, which was noticeably less girly than the singer’s pink ensemble. MGK, of course, went for a hot pink manicure to match Fox’s.

While the rest of her ensemble is uniquely Megan Fox, her pink bucket hat may be a nod to Pamela Anderson, who wore a very similar one to the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards, also designed by Ivy Supersonic. She also wore a white corset and embellished pants with the outfit.

Previously, on October 28, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly attended the Casamigos Halloween Party in Beverly Hills, costumed as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Jones, respectively. Fox wore a latex minidress similar to one worn by Anderson in 1995, this time in pink and red. She combined this with PVC platform heels and a blonde wig for her outfit. Wearing a black wig, white tank top, and leather pants, MGK embodied the Mötley Crüe drummer.

Perhaps next time Fox will copy another one of Anderson’s most recognizable garments. She may try dying her Baywatch suit pink. One possibility is that she will color her Baywatch outfit pink.

Below are some barbiecore inspired outfits:

1. Pockets Velvet Drawstring Cargo Pants

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