Lila Moss’ Sheer Gown And Black Thong

Lila Moss’ Sheer Gown And Black Thong

At the 2022 Fashion Awards, Lila Moss walked the red carpet in a stunning black halter dress by London label KNWLS, drawing inspiration from her iconic mother, Kate Moss. However, it was Lila Moss’ sheer Burberry trademark gown adorned with her insulin pump that made history at the Met Gala earlier this year, with the gown showcasing Lila’s fearless fashion choices and unwavering confidence.

Lila has always been one to honor her mother’s fashion legacy, putting her own spin on iconic pieces such as the Calvin Klein pants ad from the ’90s. She joins a group of fashion-forward stars who have embraced sheer dresses this year, including Irina Shayk, Emily Ratajkowski, Rihanna, and even Kate Moss herself, who stunned in a dazzling gown at the 1993 Look of the Year gala.

This year, the most popular style on the red carpet was sheer dresses. This week, Irina Shayk became the latest member of the group, debuting a 3D-paneled open-mesh version. Emily Ratajkowski, another model, wore a translucent black sleeveless maxidress with lots of jewelry to a New York City event. Before heading out to dinner with A$AP Rocky in Miami after Art Basel, Rihanna wore a strapless version of the dress. And only last week, Kate Moss wore a dazzling gown that plunged nearly to her navel in a nod to her classic ‘fit from the 1993 Look of the Year gala.

Below, we find some sheer dress outfits:

1. Long Sleeve Button Front Sheer Mesh Shirt Dress

Lila Moss' Sheer Gown
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