Long Sleeve Tee – How To Slay With It

Long Sleeve Tee – How To Slay With It

Here, I’ll discuss a matter that will, hopefully, help you appear more laid-back and approachable throughout the weekend. In this piece, I will discuss how to dress chicly in jeans and a long sleeve graphic tee. Long sleeve tees are versatile and comfortable, and can be styled in a variety of ways to achieve a stylish and effortless look.

Wearing this long-sleeved tee with a pair of minishorts is a great way to elongate and slim the appearance of your legs because of the shirt’s pattern.

In the end, the fact that it’s so simple to execute is what matters most. Now I’ll share with you some of the most stylish ways I’ve found to wear long-sleeved graphic t-shirts. Okay, let’s start right now.

1. High Waist Tied Detail Studded Skorts

Long Sleeve Tee

Clever layering techniques are employed to create this boyish and charming street style. Gray long-sleeve graphic tees and black minishorts form the basis of a cute outfit. Put together a cute outfit by putting a black and white plaid boyfriend shirt around your waist and wearing those pants. White sneakers are the perfect finishing touch to this ensemble.

Wearing a long-sleeve grey graphic tee under a black fitting leather jacket is a great way to seem both slim and polished for any business casual event. You can dress them up by wearing them with a black and white patterned pencil skirt. Put an element of new femininity into your ensemble by finishing off your look with a pair of white pointed-toe heels.

The top of this chic ensemble might be a simple black long-sleeve graphic tee. This is the comfortable and wonderful portion. In place of your typical dark wash denim, try a pair of light blue skinny jeans for a more modern style. Black and white low-top converse or a pair of white sneakers would work well for footwear.

You can make a small effort toward an older appearance by going with a darker shade, such burgundy. You can look retro and sophisticated in a pair of black and white polka dot thin pants and a burgundy long sleeve graphic tee, for instance.

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