How To Make A Simple T-Shirt Look More Fashionable

How To Make A Simple T-Shirt Look More Fashionable

Every woman has a simple t-shirt in their closet, but did you know that you can make it look fashionable? Check out our guide on how to elevate a basic t-shirt and turn it into a stylish statement piece.

The truth of the issue is that tees are quite straightforward. It’s not as if they’re the only ones that notice them on the street. Even a simple T-shirt can be dressed up or down. For the most part, it doesn’t speak for itself, therefore it can be used in any way possible. A simple white shirt can be dressed up in a zillion different ways, and they’re never dull when you know how.


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Even if the occasion calls for something a little more formal, like a business trip or a day at the office, a basic tee can be worn.

Start with a top in a neutral hue like navy, white, or black to give your basic T-shirt a polished look. Tuck the tee into a pair of dark jeans with a low-cut neckline. A pair of black flats and a blazer will complete the look.


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When it comes to the final product of your basic t-shirt style, statement jewelry can make all the difference. One of the most common complaints about simple T-shirts is that they appear too casual to wear outside of the grocery store. However, a simple tee may be dressed up for a coffee shop date or lunch with friends with the addition of a stylish necklace.

The neckline of your basic T-shirt should be taken into consideration while choosing distinctive jewelry to wear. Layer a long pendant necklace over a low-V-neck T-shirt. Wearing a shorter, flowery statement necklace over your shirt’s neckline works well with scoop-necked tees.


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In spite of how widely apart they are, the appropriate sandal can instantly dress up your top and save your ensemble from seeming sloppy..  In the case of a look that contains a simple T-shirt, sandals have the power to shift the attitude completely. Make your outfit look more polished by pairing your simple tee with strappy sandals.

With a simple T-shirt, the footwear you wear should be influenced by how you style the rest of your clothing. A T-shirt and a pair of high heels are always a winning combination. Block-heeled strappy sandals look great with a tee-and-shorts outfit. To add intrigue and texture to your outfit, wear lace-up ankle shoes with a pair of tighter jeans.

It’s possible to be fashionable and comfy at the same time by wearing a simple tee shirt. You don’t have to worry about a T-shirt being sloppy or dull. A simple shirt can appear everything but basic when styled correctly. To get the most out of your basic tees, experiment with a wide range of additional items and accessories.

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