How To Fashionably Wear Off-Shoulder – Fashion Ideas

How To Fashionably Wear Off-Shoulder – Fashion Ideas

Oh, how I regret not keeping those off-shoulder tops from 2016! Little did I know that they would become a timeless piece. Find out how to fashionably wear off-shoulder tops with this helpful guide.

The off-shoulder neckline “cuts” the arm and draws attention to the collarbone and shoulders. It makes you look slimmer and brings out the bones in your body. It looks nice in pictures and in real life. Off-shoulder clothes look good on everyone, no matter what their shape is.

If you forget why this neckline looks good on everyone, take a look at these outfits that go best with off-shoulder tops.

1. High Waist Tied Detail Bootcut Jeans

Tops that fit closer to your body show off your bust and waist and hips for an attractive look. Beware of the parachute look if you don’t want a tight fit and instead want a style that fits loosely. Avoid styles with elastic hems that are too loose. The elastic tends to bunch up around the bottom, making it look like a lumpy parachute, which is not a good thing. Instead, choose a top with a loose hem that doesn’t make you look like you don’t have any shape.

Although off-the-shoulder tops have become a mainstay of contemporary design, they may be used to create timeless, genuine vintage appearances if styled properly.

Put together a loose-fitting off-the-shoulder top, an A-line skirt, and neutral heels for a pretty, put-together, vintage-inspired look. Off-the-shoulder tops add a modern touch to your vintage look because they are slightly revealing. Choose a top with ruffles or straps that you can tie up for a more authentic vintage look.

You might try wearing your off-the-shoulder top with a pair of strappy sandals and a pair of patterned, high-waisted shorts. Select a top that skims your body closely at the bust for a figure-flattering effect, but has looser, flowing sleeves for a nod to the classic 70s vibe. It all depends on the accessories you choose. For a more genuine boho look, accessorize with a beaded necklace, a natural crystal necklace (think turquoise), or a headband.

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