Here Are 5 Real-World Trends From New York I Noticed

Here Are 5 Real-World Trends From New York I Noticed

As a fashion capital, New York sets the trends for the rest of the world. Observing the styles on the streets is like reading a fashion report, and here are 5 real-world trends from New York that are sure to inspire.

While visiting the city recently, I was struck by how well-groomed everyone appeared. I noticed that the trendiest women in the area all had five key elements in common. Naturally, as soon as I got back to L.A., I started hunting for these to add to my personal wardrobe. In question are both new-season runway trends and timeless wardrobe mainstays, as well as edgier streetwear essentials and tried-and-true basics. They show that New York fashion is a mishmash of different looks and trends. Keep reading to see all the street-style New Yorkers can’t get enough of right now.

1. PU Leather Zipper Design Buckled Jacket

New Yorkers, as usual, are the first to jump on a fashion trend before the rest of the country catches on. The interest is rationalized by consideration. A leather bomber jacket is an ideal topper since it allows you to look put-together and relaxed while you’re out and about. The goal is a looser fit, so consider ordering a size higher to recreate New York City’s spirit.

When you’re a city dweller, getting around on foot is a daily occurrence, so you’ll need shoes that can keep up. The obvious answer is sneakers, but in typical New York City fashion, residents don’t wear just any old pair. These shoes have eye-catching color combinations and intricate patterns.

That’s when I realized how fascinating things were going to get. Most hip people I saw were dressed in long skirts made of technical fabrics like nylon ripstop or stiff poplin. It’s a unique spin on the classic maxi skirt, giving off an edgy vibe that’s perfect for the city’s fantastic (and occasionally dreary) climate.

New Yorkers are busy, so it’s not surprising to see a group of people on every block carrying a variety of backpacks and other baggage. A large tote bag is the most chic option for transporting all of your belongings.

New Yorkers prefer well-polished pants over the casual denim popular in Los Angeles. They have an effortless gloss that works well with both dressier and more casual accessories.

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