E-Girl Prom Dresses With a Gothic Princess Vibe

E-Girl Prom Dresses With a Gothic Princess Vibe

Incorporating E-Girl Prom Dresses into your prom outfit doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your individuality. Don’t feel like you have to conform to the traditional ruffled ball gown or tuxedo to look and feel confident on your big night.

This list, however, isn’t concerned with such matters. If Janis Ian was more your speed than Cady Heron, you’d feel right at home on this list. It’s for all the Buttercups, Aria Montgomerys, and Lydia Deetzs out there. It’s for the ladies who like skulls and Doc Martens to cardigans and Converse, and the goths (again, me). The following are some of the cutest gothic-inspired prom dresses currently available online.

1. Gothic Dress Cold Shoulder Asymmetric Dress See Thru Mesh Long Sleeve Handkerchief Dress

There is no gothier outfit than this one; it is made of black lace and velvet and has a cute little bustier cut.

It’s a fantastic time to not wear black because everyone else is wearing it. This Lace Hem Grommet Velvet Caged A Line Dress is as fierce as it is beautiful.

Attention all crystal gfs! This airy minidress has a certain witchiness to it.

Someone’s going to have to come and physically remove my credit card from me, since my inner emo kid is wailing.

Sophia Turner
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