Buy These Corporate Outfit Starter Kit And Start Your First Job

Buy These Corporate Outfit Starter Kit And Start Your First Job

As an older sibling tasked with guiding my sister’s professional style, I know the importance of a strong corporate outfit starter kit. With the opportunity for self-expression and no dress codes, the possibilities are endless, and I can’t wait to help her curate a wardrobe that will make her feel confident and empowered in her new career.

I recalled my first job after college in the city, which began in the sweltering July heat. I didn’t have the money to buy a new wardrobe, and trust me when I say that my existing wardrobe was struggling to pay for the additions. My goal was to stick with a few staples in classic colors like black and navy that I could see myself wearing for years. My favorite thing about these assets is that they’ve not only held their value over the past four years, but they’ve also shown themselves to be smart investments.

I’ve compiled a list of things every newly employed individual should keep in mind. If you don’t have an older sister, go vintage shopping, or shop these options for a closet you’ll love.


Lace Panel Seam Detail Slit Flare Pants – Black M 

Reasons to recommend:

It wasn’t until I was in college that “trousers” began to appear a lot more like black cigarette pants to me. I’m not interested, thank you very much. Even if you can’t find a vintage pair, this is the golden age of pants. The wide-leg, easygoing trouser aesthetic is being killed by a slew of new manufacturers. To get the Scandi style, try wearing it with the T-shirt suggested below or an identical oversized blazer.

When in doubt, opt for a larger size rather than a smaller one. Pants come in a plethora of shapes and designs, but the way they fit is what sets a fantastic item apart. Keeping a pant that fits proportionally and highlights all of your best features is a bonus.


Floral Pattern Eyelet Embroidery Half Sleeve Top 

Reasons to recommend:

Here’s a tip I wish I’d learned sooner in my career. When worn correctly, a T-shirt is an excellent choice for the workplace throughout the warmer months. Only a few things are certain. When it comes to a T-shirt, this one is not for putting on when you’re heading back to the train after a swim. This T-shirt should have a collar or a stronger fabric to give it structure. If it’s going to be striped, it should be a single color. You may wear it tucked into your favorite jeans or a simple skirt for a no-brainer look. If you’d rather wear striking earrings, try layering a couple plain necklaces. There is no doubt that this workhorse will make getting dressed a whole lot easier.


Sand And Stone Color Block Tote Bag 

Reasons to recommend:

When it comes to a work bag, it’s the same. And it could be a good idea to wait until you’ve had a few days on the job to figure out exactly what you need from a tote bag. Bringing a laptop to and from work? Working a large portion of the day from home? Decide what’s most important to you, and then put a little pouch in your purse that you can quickly access if you need something in a hurry. You may want to look for a bag with built-in storage if the pouch is too much work for you.


Chain Pattern Decor Pointed Toe Slip On Mules 

Reasons to recommend:

Clean, white shoes are just as essential to any The decision is a matter of personal preference. A slip on mule is what I’m most comfortable in. Wear-resistant materials like leather or thick soles imply this item will survive long after your internship is through, making it ideal for long-term investment Avoid being swayed by flashy, low-cost fashion accessories. Eventually, you’ll have to get new ones professional attire as a fresh, white T-shirt. When you need to step up your style game, it’s a good idea to have a go-to shoe style that is neither a heel nor a sneaker.


Long Sleeve Button Design Blazer Coat 

Reasons to recommend:

A blazer is the best way to show that you’re working hard. Always go up a size if you’re unsure. If you’re going out for the evening, wear a blazer over a summer dress. Wear it with a pair of Bermuda shorts or a pair of matching pants for a more casual look. Just a few blazers may completely change your wardrobe.

Bridget Parson
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I love fashion. But I'm tired of walking store to store hunting for my next favorite outfit, having to turn down the lovely lady once again (in the face), all the while, I'm frequently changing style, swiping out of the wardrobe with all new clothes. That means I don't believe fashion has to cost an arm and leg. There are a few online boutiques that I shop at that I think anyone should keep in their bookmarks. They are my favorite, and I hope they will be yours too.