Checkered Blazer – Foolproof Ways To Freshly Style Them

Checkered Blazer – Foolproof Ways To Freshly Style Them

A checkered blazer is an ever-popular choice for the cooler months. Autumnal prints, from deep brown glen plaid to black pane of glass, houndstooth, plaid, and micro check, evoke images of cozying up by the fire with a mug of apple cider.

You’re probably here because you adore plaid blazers and are searching for some new ways to wear them, you’re curious about trying out plaid blazers for the first time, or you fall into one of these categories.

I’ve got you covered wherever you are. Here are foolproof ways to wear a plaid blazer, along with buying tips and recommendations for the best blazers of the season.

1. Patchwork Zip Fly Ripped Jeans

Checkered Blazer

Put on a tee, your go-to pair of blue or black denim, and some sneakers, mule slides, or loafers. To keep things looking sleek under the blazer, I typically choose for fitting tees or long sleeve bodysuits. It’s not necessary to stick to jeans when there are alternatives like faux leather leggings.

The above casual getup can easily transition from day to night by simply replacing the flats with heels, slingbacks, or strappy sandals. If you want to look the part on a night out, ditch your purse and grab a clutch instead. One of my favorite outfits to wear on a date in the fall is a pair of skinny jeans, a t-shirt, and a satin camisole with a lace accent.

Use the blazer’s secondary color as inspiration for your turtleneck, which should be a neutral tone like tan, beige, or cream. Next, pair them with a pair of pants in a contrasting color, such as coated denim or imitation leather. Add a matching shoe to complete the ensemble. This autumn ensemble, which leans somewhat toward preppy but looks classy nonetheless, is exemplified here.

Even though it may still be quite warm in the middle of autumn, a blazer is a great way to show off your autumnal style while keeping cool with a camisole underneath. Change out of the jeans or pants for a pair of faux leather shorts if the weather is particularly warm where you are.

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