Bank Holiday Capsule Wardrobe – What to Pack For

Bank Holiday Capsule Wardrobe – What to Pack For

Another holiday weekend is coming up, and if you’re lucky enough to be going somewhere, you’re probably already planning what to bring. Trying to fit everything you need into a carry on luggage can feel like an insurmountable challenge. The question still remains, what will the climate be like? Will it be a classy eatery? And what if the nights are chilly? An edit that deftly accounts for nearly all possible outcomes is required, and here’s how to create a Bank Holiday Capsule Wardrobe.

1. Solid Button Detail Long Tee

Wear something airy, like a cotton shirt or blouse, but with sleeves when traveling. This will shield you from the chill of the air conditioner and make you feel at ease while still giving off an impression of casual sophistication. Complement with a pair of clunky sneakers and cropped chinos or jeans.

Are you plotting a day of adventure? Put some thought into a jumpsuit. A semi-tailored all-in-one outfit is more versatile than a dress, whether you want to go on an impromptu trek or pay a visit to a religious site. Wear sunglasses and a crossbody bag to free up your hands.

And finally, round off your look by adding a printed midi skirt. It’s perfect for sunset cocktails when paired with a longline blazer, but it may easily be worn throughout the day as well.

Bring versatile pieces that can be worn from the museum to the bar if you’re heading away for the weekend.

Sophia Turner
[email protected]